Extreme Makeover – Bike Edition

Welcome to Extreme Makeover…the Bodacious Bike Edition that is. Scout has graduated from her balance bike to a pedal bike. And it was a very quick transition, three times around the block with a little help from me and she was off! Problem was it was on her brothers old bike and although it wasn’t screaming BOY she didn’t like the look of it very much. So the makeover began!

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE we started, orangish red rocket bike….

And here’s the AFTER, watermelon pink, ladybug bedazzled, baby basket and flowing ribbons.

I helped put some newspaper over the spokes and chain and let her do all the spray painting. She was amazed that I gave her free reign on this. This had to be her favorite part…she’s been aching to spray paint something, hopefully this doesn’t give birth to the neighborhood graffiti artist.

Next she put on 2 sheets of ladybug / sparkly flower stickers that she picked out at the store.

Then we cut some ribbon and I tied them onto the handle bars.

And last but not least she held the wire basket while I zip tied it to the handle bars. We scored at the thrift store and got it for .75 cents!

Once it was finished she promptly loaded the basket up with her dolls and music box. She had me wind the music box so it played while she road up and down the road. She sounded like a little ice cream truck. I didn’t tell her this though for fear of her turning this new bike into an entrepreneur adventure. I could see her selling otter pops out of her basket to any poor kid who was willing to give her a buck.

Oh how I love this little one…

Here’s some footage of Scout learning to ride a bike…


Today I also did a guest post over at Tales Of A Mountain Mama. It’s about one of our favorite spring activities, petroglyph hunting. I also included a fun craft idea for the kids. Go take a peek! Mountain Mama  is a rad site written by Amelia. She covers all things outdoors and is a great resource.

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Shawna is passionate about getting kids outside, a pro at procrastinating laundry day and an advocate of impromptu road trips. She's been in the recreation industry for 18 years.
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7 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    What a terrific job she did! Go Scout, Go!

  2. Holly Hunter says:

    My kids loved the pics and suggested that you photo edit the one of her riding down the street with her mouth open…they want to see an explosion happening behind her. I thought that was really funny. They also said “what kind of a parent lets a 5 year old use spray paint?” my response was “a really COOL one!” Love love love this post! Thanks for sharing. We are also all about recycling! So cute to let her personalize it like that. And, btw, I bought a wicker basket for my bike at Walmart for $20! I couldn’t believe how expensive it was! Why didn’t I think to look at the Goodwill for something and simply zip tie it onto the front? Great idea!

  3. LaurieBee says:

    She’s adorable! She did a great job on the bike!

  4. What an awesome post and a great idea for a makeover! :) And thank you again so much for guesting on the blog! :)

  5. Garen says:

    Thank you for this amazing post! My daughter has a bike that is cute and girly but just not what she wanted (it was a freebie) and she keeps bugging and begging for a new bike. I refuse to buy a new one when she has a perfectly good bike. So, I looked up bike makeovers and this post was perfect! Can’t wait to do this w/ her!

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