Worlds First Maternity Rock Climbing Harness

When I stopped by to see Mountain Mama’s new line at the Outdoor Retailer yesterday I was shocked when I saw what their new super secret product was, the worlds first maternity rock climbing harness!

There are countless times I remember bouldering back and forth horizontally across a crag because I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a harness with my pregnant belly. It was definitely a test of patience.

But now those days are over! Mountain Mama teamed up with Mad Rock, producers of rock climbing gear since 2002, to bring the concept to reality. It’s still in prototype mode but the full body harness will be available in spring/summer of 2013! It’s made specifically to protect baby from pressure and keep mom comfortable at the same time. And the name of the harness is…wait for it….The Mountain Mama! (how appropriate)

Another eye catcher coming from Mountain Mama’s new line is their maternity running skirt…

Mom’s to be you don’t know how good you have it these days! Love these companies that help get mamas, and in turn their kiddos, active in the outdoors!

We’ll be back soon with more features on cool gear coming out in the next year!


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Shawna is passionate about getting kids outside, a pro at procrastinating laundry day and an advocate of impromptu road trips. She's been in the recreation industry for 18 years.
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5 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Almost, repeat almost makes me wish I was young again and pregnant and liked climbing!

  2. Shawna says:

    hahaha I thought the same thing Linda :)

  3. Nonostante il fatto che ho trovato questo post specifico davvero interessante, non ho potuto fare a meno di riflettere o meno le statistiche che utilizzate sono accurate. Questa affermazione sembra abbastanza strano per me. Ogni pensiero o no in realtà è un dato di fatto?

  4. Great ideas you have there. Your topic is very interesting as it shows all the facts that could be given about outdoor sports gear. I hope to see more of your post. I totally love it!!

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