Christmas Tree Hunt 2012

I subscribe to Sunset Magazine, It’s a mag that I look forward to consuming as soon as it hits my mailbox. It’s all about living in the West. One article in their December Issue pulled my heart strings. It was all about the decision of getting an artificial or real tree for Christmas. Did you know that more than 50% of people in the West display artificial trees, while just 26% buy a live one.

My family is among the 26%. We spent the day after Thanksgiving participating in my favorite family tradition, searching for the tree that would grace our home for the next month…and we found a BEAUT! (we’ve had our fair share of Charlie Brown trees.)

We each took a turn sawing it down…

This year our two oldest boys were finally strong enough to carry the tree out of the forest themselves. Which seems bizarre to me because I feel like it was just yesterday that my hubs and I were the Sherpas with the tree and the children on our backs.

Quick Fact: “Oregon harvests about 7 million Christmas trees per year, more than double the nation’s number-two producer (North Carolina).”

If you’re thinking about trading over to the 26% here’s the information you’ll need to get started.

PS Here’s our tree farm experience in 2010.

PPS Here’s our 2009 Christmas tree hunt in the forest.


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One thought on “Christmas Tree Hunt 2012

  1. looks like you had a good time and got a great tree. love the last picture. still laughing. We have an artifical tree- actually the top part of one cause it is the only part where the lights still work!

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