It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts – Thermal Underwear And Socks

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Cold temps are all we’ve seen these days. I’m talking the teens…for a HIGH! It’s hard to get motivated to go outside for more than just to scrape the ice off the car window. So I apply the old adage of “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Not so much as a beauty secret but more as a survival tool.

Thermal underwear and wool socks are my defense against the cold when I go out to play. My most common activity these days is cross country skiing.

I’ve been wearing Coldpruf Extreme Performance Base Layers, top and bottom. They are a polyester and spandex blend. This mixture provides moisture management for when I get sweaty by wicking it away from my skin and allowing it to evaporate. It also controls odor, so if I go on a 3 day excursion with my friends, they will still be my friends when we return. They are tagless and the seams are flat so they don’t irritate me when I’m moving a lot or have on multiple layers. The top and bottoms are priced at $41 each…a killer deal for high performance base layers. I’ve scoured the internet and found that you usually can’t get a set for under $100.

My other defense against the cold is the Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Sock.

Merino Wool Outdoor Trail Socks for Adult

First thing I noticed was how cushioned they were. They fit snug and the seams aren’t bothersome at the toe. They’ve kept my feet warm enough that I haven’t had to give them a second thought while outside. These come in a pack of 4 for $24.50. That’s a steal of a deal! If you’ve looked around at other Merino Wool sock brands you’ll see one pair of socks costs that much. And because they’re made of merino wool they…

  • wick moisture away
  • are naturally odor resistant
  • are not itchy like regular wool

So don’t forget, when preparing for outdoor fun this winter season, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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  1. Linda says:

    Super cool…..I mean warm stuff!

  2. Hmmm – haven’t seen those socks yet! They look great! :)

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