Mission Impossible: Operation Resurrect Trampoline

We went on vacation for a week and when we got home we couldn’t find our trampoline. It was buried in 24+ inches of snow that fell while we were gone.

It was seriously sagging in the middle and the springs were stretched out, so little man and I spent the afternoon resurrecting it.

After clearing all the snow off we realized we accidentally built a pretty cool trampoline snow fort. When you go under the trampoline there are walls of snow all around. A fun little hide out for little people.

Fun day spent outside…Mission Accomplished!

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Shawna is passionate about getting kids outside, a pro at procrastinating laundry day and an advocate of impromptu road trips. She's been in the recreation industry for 18 years.

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1 Response

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like he LOVED that activity! After being cooped up in the house with me, he was itching to get outside again! fun post!

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