Old Fashioned Fun: Sleigh Ride, Sledding And A Campfire

We recently returned to our old stomping grounds in Idaho to visit family. And while there we received a lovely invitation to enjoy a good old fashioned winter party at a farm in Squirrel. The Harshbarger family hosts it for their family and friends every year.

sleigh ride nature for kids 2

Tetonssleigh ride nature for kids 3

We were all loaded onto a sleigh and pulled out to a huge sledding hill where there was a campfire, food and lots of fun waiting for us.

sleigh ride

old fashion fun

It was heart warming to see kids of all ages having a good time together. It was the stuff of a Norman Rockwell painting.

fun in the snow sled hill

outdoor kids

It made me wonder how many sleighs are actually in use anymore. I have a soft spot for old things and traditions of any kind. Think I can talk the boss into getting a couple draft horses and a sleigh of our own? I think we’ll have to stick with our cross-country skis.

I felt very lucky that my kids were able to have this experience. Thank you Harshbarger family!

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